20, Feb 2018

Why Quality Skin Analysis Can Bring in More Referral Business to Your Med Spa

Aram Huvis Americas 0 Comments

Clients are coming to your med spa because they have a problem that needs to be solved, and most commonly, that problem has to do with their skin. Maybe their skin is too dry, too tight, sagging or wrinkled, but whatever the issue is, they are hoping that you’ll be able to correct it. No matter how great your medical spa might be, though, you can’t correct an issue that you haven’t properly diagn

12, Sep 2017

Common Mistakes We All Make While Cleansing Our Face

Daniela Velez 0 Comments

Washing your face is pretty easy, right? Splash some water, use your favorite cleanser and that’s it! Well… this can be the cause of breakouts, irritation or dryness if you are making any of these mistakes:

Pro Tip 1:

Not washing hands first: Think about it… How many surfaces do we touch around the day; accumulating dirt, oil, and germs? You do not want that on your face! So don’t f

4, Aug 2017

Are You Using The Best Hair & Skin Products On Your Clients, But Seeing No Results?

Daniela Velez 0 Comments

Does this sound familiar? Do not lose hope yet… It is very common that you are happy with the products that you are using on your clients, and they seem to be working well for most but; of course, it is not working for everyone.

How a product works for a person depends on many things: diet, environment, hormones, etc. Clients can have problems on their scalp like dryness, sensitivity, oilines