15, Nov 2017

Hair Loss: Top Causes Your Clients May Be Facing

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It’s natural to see a few dozen strands of hair clump in the hair catcher after a shower—something we all have to remind clients on occasion. When it becomes massive clumps falling out at once, however, that’s a much bigger cause for concern. The underlying cause could be anything from male pattern baldness to stress to a dietary issue. In order to help your c

15, Sep 2017

Winter is Coming: Help Your Business with a Hair Analyzer

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As the fall winds blow in a change in the weather, most people start getting excited for the accoutrements of fall: pumpkin-flavored everything, sweaters, boots, and spiced candles. For as fun as fall can be, it also brings with it some occasionally uncomfortable changes. The shift toward colder weather, the increase in rain, and even fall allergies can have a negat

4, Aug 2017

Are You Using The Best Hair & Skin Products On Your Clients, But Seeing No Results?

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Does this sound familiar? Do not lose hope yet… It is very common that you are happy with the products that you are using on your clients, and they seem to be working well for most but; of course, it is not working for everyone.

How a product works for a person depends on many things: diet, environment, hormones, etc. Clients can have problems on their scalp like dryness, sensitivity, oilines

15, Jul 2017

Summer Hair Care – Is Your Salon Prepared?

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When we talk about summer hair care concerns, we don’t necessarily mean the number of people who rush to chop off all their hair as soon as the temperatures hit the eighties—and instantly regret their hasty decisions. No, at Aram Huvis, we’re more concerned with what hair and scalp are trying to say about deeper issues than style. Summer can be a hard season o

11, Apr 2017

Three Things Clients Need to Know About Their Hair

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When you’ve been helping clients repair and restore their hair for long enough, it starts to feel like you can diagnosis hair and scalp problems at a glance. Your clients, however, cannot. For many of them, the problems they are facing might not seem that urgent because it’s something that’s gradually happened and they live with it every day. When they see the problem up close and personal, tho

23, Feb 2017

Why Are You Losing Your Hair? Part 1

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Welcome back to our blog! In our last blog series, we went over common yet annoying hair conditions you may have to live with on a daily basis. With hair analyzers from Aram Huvis, a professional will be able to examine and treat your hair, right at the source of the issue. Our hair analyzers are amazing because they can take video, produce magnified images, and help dermatolog

16, Jan 2017

The Anatomy of Your Hair

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If you have been keeping up with our blogs, we mainly have been focusing on how our analyzers help your skin. We also have hair analyzers that assist in diagnosing hair conditions and the makeup of your hair. Hair analyzers are useful for salons and stylists so that they can advise different hair styles and products that are going to be perfect for your specific type of

12, Jan 2017

Hair Analyzers and Density

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To some of us, our hair is sacred. We take care of it by using the best products on the market, following tips from our friends on brushing techniques, masks to help shine, and going to professionals for coloring and haircuts. Others, may not do much to their hair at all. Either way you choose to care for it, your hair can actually speak volumes to your health. Some of us who lose hair may not und