20, Feb 2018

Why Quality Skin Analysis Can Bring in More Referral Business to Your Med Spa

Aram Huvis Americas 0 Comments

Clients are coming to your med spa because they have a problem that needs to be solved, and most commonly, that problem has to do with their skin. Maybe their skin is too dry, too tight, sagging or wrinkled, but whatever the issue is, they are hoping that you’ll be able to correct it. No matter how great your medical spa might be, though, you can’t correct an issue that you haven’t properly diagn

15, Jan 2018

How a Hair Camera Can Help Your Business Grow

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Every small business owner is looking for ways to help their businesses grow. When you are a medical spa or salon, though, the issues with growth are directly tied to how well you can compete with other similar services offered in your area. Your business needs to stand out from the rest by offering your clients a reason to visit your location time and time again. S

15, Nov 2017

Hair Loss: Top Causes Your Clients May Be Facing

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It’s natural to see a few dozen strands of hair clump in the hair catcher after a shower—something we all have to remind clients on occasion. When it becomes massive clumps falling out at once, however, that’s a much bigger cause for concern. The underlying cause could be anything from male pattern baldness to stress to a dietary issue. In order to help your c

15, Oct 2017

Winter Skin Woes Are Coming. Is Your Business Ready?

Daniela Velez 0 Comments

Summer may be notorious for sunburns and sweaty days, but winter is the season in which skin issues run rampant. Whether you run a medical spa or a dermatology office, it can be hard enough finding the right solution for each of your clients. When the winter winds blow in, sorting through the range of different skin concerns becomes even more difficult. Is that a si

15, Sep 2017

Winter is Coming: Help Your Business with a Hair Analyzer

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As the fall winds blow in a change in the weather, most people start getting excited for the accoutrements of fall: pumpkin-flavored everything, sweaters, boots, and spiced candles. For as fun as fall can be, it also brings with it some occasionally uncomfortable changes. The shift toward colder weather, the increase in rain, and even fall allergies can have a negat

12, Sep 2017

Common Mistakes We All Make While Cleansing Our Face

Daniela Velez 0 Comments

Washing your face is pretty easy, right? Splash some water, use your favorite cleanser and that’s it! Well… this can be the cause of breakouts, irritation or dryness if you are making any of these mistakes:

Pro Tip 1:

Not washing hands first: Think about it… How many surfaces do we touch around the day; accumulating dirt, oil, and germs? You do not want that on your face! So don’t f

15, Aug 2017

Winter Wind or Office A/C: Skin Analyzers Find Working Solutions

Monica Sanchez 0 Comments

Between the effects of weather, allergies or skin sensitivities, hormone fluctuations, and even home and work conditions, there are a multitude of things that can affect your client’s skin on a daily basis. For anyone who has struggled with a regular or ongoing skin concern—anything from dry skin to adult acne or a rash—constantly going from one aesthetician o

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