1. Three Things Clients Need to Know About Their Hair

    When you've been helping clients repair and restore their hair for long enough, it starts to feel like you can diagnosis hair and scalp problems at a glance. Your clients, however, cannot. For many of them, the problems they are facing might not seem that urgent because it's something that's gradually happened and they live with it every day. When they see the problem up close and personal, though…Read More

  2. Why Are You Losing Your Hair? Part 2

    If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have been discussing all the reasons why you may be losing your hair. At Aram Huvis, our hair analyzers are the tools needed by medical professionals and hair salons and stylists. Our hair analyzers are able to magnify the hair and scalp as well as take digital video and images for your stylist to go over with you. Your stylist doesn’t need to tell y…Read More

  3. Why Are You Losing Your Hair? Part 1

    Welcome back to our blog! In our last blog series, we went over common yet annoying hair conditions you may have to live with on a daily basis. With hair analyzers from Aram Huvis, a professional will be able to examine and treat your hair, right at the source of the issue. Our hair analyzers are amazing because they can take video, produce magnified images, and help dermatologists, skin clinics, …Read More

  4. Common Hair Mishaps That Need Hair Analysis: Part 2

      If you have been keeping up with our blog posts, we have been discussing the most common conditions your hair could face, such as being too dry, going grey, or not standing up to par volume wise. Your hair is something you want to preserve and take care of because eventually, according to genes and science, you may start to lose it. Hopefully, this never occurs for you, because with hair an…Read More

  5. Common Hair Mishaps That Need Hair Analysis: Part 1

    No matter who you are, what you do, or where you are going, if you are having a bad hair day, it affects everything about your mood. Sometimes, your hair needs to complete your look and if it's not cooperating, then you have some real issues. Your hair giving you such a hard time could be due to the way you slept on it, or it can be a more concerning issue. At Aram Huvis, we don’t want you to ha…Read More

  6. The Anatomy of Your Hair

    If you have been keeping up with our blogs, we mainly have been focusing on how our analyzers help your skin. We also have hair analyzers that assist in diagnosing hair conditions and the makeup of your hair. Hair analyzers are useful for salons and stylists so that they can advise different hair styles and products that are going to be perfect for your specific type of hair. At Aram Huvis, we be…Read More

  7. Hair Analyzers and Density

    To some of us, our hair is sacred. We take care of it by using the best products on the market, following tips from our friends on brushing techniques, masks to help shine, and going to professionals for coloring and haircuts. Others, may not do much to their hair at all. Either way you choose to care for it, your hair can actually speak volumes to your health. Some of us who lose hair may not und…Read More

  8. The Skin Care Tips You Need

    At Aram Huvis, we want you to have all the knowledge when it comes to caring for your skin and hair. Your hair and skin are two parts of your body that you should always be paying special attention to and treating with care. We have been educating you all about the skin on a deeper level. To take a turn into a different direction, we want to bestow some great tips on the best ways to care for your…Read More

  9. Layers of the Skin: Hypodermis

    In this latest blog series, we have been focusing on the different layers of the skin and each of their functions. Understanding your skin as a whole will benefit your skin care routine. Many people only take care of the surface of the skin but there is much more than what meets the eye. Aram Huvis is the leader in skin care because they supply the technology at your skin care professional’s fin…Read More

  10. Layers of the Skin: Dermis

    If you have been keeping up with our blog, in our last edition we went over the outer layer of the skin: The epidermis is the layer of skin that is most visible to you and the one you adorn with makeup, lotions, and moisturizers. However, there are two more layers of skin that you may be unaware of. With skin analyzers from Aram Huvis, you will be able to view your skin like never before. Our tech…Read More