1. Winter Skin Woes Are Coming. Is Your Business Ready?

    Summer may be notorious for sunburns and sweaty days, but winter is the season in which skin issues run rampant. Whether you run a medical spa or a dermatology office, it can be hard enough finding the right solution for each of your clients. When the winter winds blow in, sorting through the range of different skin concerns becomes even more difficult. Is that a simple case of dry skin, or is it …Read More

  2. Winter is Coming: Help Your Business with a Hair Analyzer

    As the fall winds blow in a change in the weather, most people start getting excited for the accoutrements of fall: pumpkin-flavored everything, sweaters, boots, and spiced candles. For as fun as fall can be, it also brings with it some occasionally uncomfortable changes. The shift toward colder weather, the increase in rain, and even fall allergies can have a negative impact on hair and scalp con…Read More

  3. Common Mistakes We All Make While Cleansing Our Face

    Common Mistakes We All Make While Cleansing Our Face Washing your face is pretty easy, right? Splash some water, use your favorite cleanser and that's it! Well... this can be the cause of breakouts, irritation or dryness if you are making any of these mistakes: Pro Tip 1: Not washing hands first: Think about it... How many surfaces do we touch around the day; accumulating dirt, oil, and germs? You…Read More

  4. Winter Wind or Office A/C: Skin Analyzers Find Working Solutions

    Between the effects of weather, allergies or skin sensitivities, hormone fluctuations, and even home and work conditions, there are a multitude of things that can affect your client’s skin on a daily basis. For anyone who has struggled with a regular or ongoing skin concern—anything from dry skin to adult acne or a rash—constantly going from one aesthetician or dermatologist to the next can …Read More

  5. Are You Using The Best Hair & Skin Products On Your Clients, But Seeing No Results?

    Does this sound familiar? Do not lose hope yet… It is very common that you are happy with the products that you are using on your clients, and they seem to be working well for most but; of course, it is not working for everyone. How a product works for a person depends on many things: diet, environment, hormones, etc. Clients can have problems on their scalp like dryness, sensitivity, oiliness, …Read More

  6. Summer Hair Care – Is Your Salon Prepared?

    When we talk about summer hair care concerns, we don’t necessarily mean the number of people who rush to chop off all their hair as soon as the temperatures hit the eighties—and instantly regret their hasty decisions. No, at Aram Huvis, we’re more concerned with what hair and scalp are trying to say about deeper issues than style. Summer can be a hard season on hair, and your clients will be…Read More

  7. Summer Skin Care Concerns Part 2

    If you’ve been paying attention to the Aram Huvis blog, you know we recently started discussing those summer skin care concerns your med spa, dermatology, salon, and other skin-centric clients may have during the scorching summer months. If you thought the list in our last post looked a bit short, or we didn’t speak to a concern you keep seeing, don’t worry—we have more summer sun issues t…Read More

  8. Summer Skin Struggles Your Clients May Have

    When summer rolls around, the sunshine and warm temperatures send most people outside as much as possible. And if you own a salon, medical spa, dermatology clinic, or another business along those lines, you may have noticed an uptick in the number of people coming in seeking skincare assistance. Sure, you’re prepared for the increase of people coming in with a lobster-red burn, but is your busin…Read More

  9. Three Things Clients Need to Know About Their Hair

    When you've been helping clients repair and restore their hair for long enough, it starts to feel like you can diagnosis hair and scalp problems at a glance. Your clients, however, cannot. For many of them, the problems they are facing might not seem that urgent because it's something that's gradually happened and they live with it every day. When they see the problem up close and personal, though…Read More

  10. Why Are You Losing Your Hair? Part 2

    If you have been keeping up with our blog, we have been discussing all the reasons why you may be losing your hair. At Aram Huvis, our hair analyzers are the tools needed by medical professionals and hair salons and stylists. Our hair analyzers are able to magnify the hair and scalp as well as take digital video and images for your stylist to go over with you. Your stylist doesn’t need to tell y…Read More