Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, Aram Huvis Americas is the exclusive distributor and service provider for state-of-the-art skin, hair and cuticle analyzing devices manufactured at the global headquarters in South Korea. Our cutting edge technology has been recognized by leading global cosmetic companies and research institutes, and our salon tools and devices; including our industry-leading hair camera, have been distributed to more than 30 countries worldwide. We create a unique opportunity to increase sales and traffic through skin and hair analysis.

The Aram Huvis Americas line of salon tools and devices define the cutting edge of hair and skin care, providing the highest levels of magnification and high-resolution imaging needed to provide the most accurate assessment of skin, hair scalp, and hair cuticles. With a user-friendly interface and ergonomic design, our devices; both the skin analyzer and the hair scanner, can be easily implemented in various environments from health and wellness spas to doctor’s offices, salons, hair replacement centers and more.

Our fully programmable software adapts to work with any line of products, so technicians can provide recommendations based on the scientific results in front of them. With Wi-fi video streaming, a mirroring function and the ability to email reports, your sales will skyrocket, profits will increase and you will establish your business as the local authority on skin, hair and scalp care.

Our team provides exemplary customer service and support to a wide range of customers in the Americas. Please contact us for more information about joining the Aram Huvis family.